A Flexible, All Inclusive Workplace

Without balance, a workspace will remain a workspace. But with it, a workspace can become a rich ecosystem, in which every element can grow. At And-Co, you’ll find that balance.

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Our Vision for Shared Offices

Here, your nine-to-five is enriched by your five-to-nine. A distinguished work environment will nurture your business and propel it forward, while a most-desired part of the world will inspire your mind with every leisure activity under the sun, moon and rainforest canopy. This is a place where roots can be grown, and initial phases outgrown. Where work and life coexist in harmony.

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Exclusive Private Spaces

Nurturing growth takes more than a work space. It takes a tailored solution that fully considers and supports the needs of others. It takes an environment that prioritizes progress, over ping pong. But more than anything, it takes a community of professionals who haven’t just started, but have persevered to build something notable.  A community that doubles as a circle of friends, who encourage, support and grow with one another. Because one cannot grow in a space that is cramped, disorganized or uninspiring.

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A Locale That Suits You

Coal Harbour, not the downtown core, serves as our window to the natural environment that sets Vancouver, BC apart and draws the world in. Here you’ll have unlimited access to what lies beyond the office space — to the downtown core, the sea & slopes — access that helps you connect, experience, learn & develop.

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