The definition of success to us is different.

It is not merely financial growth or career growth that drives us. But the growth of our hearts, bodies and minds. We are for holistic success. The type that makes us healthier, happier and more fulfilled, instead of taking these elements as payment for climbing the ladder. We aim for a new definition of success in a new kind of space, that requires no compromise in the pursuit of better. We are in the heart of a city known for the best of two worlds. In everything we do, we relish both…

Who We Are

Designed by BVN, Backed by Arpeg

As a third-generation family business, Arpeg Family Companies has spent the last 60+ years building and living up to a reputation of quality. Our partnership with BVN Architecture also reflects that character.

BVN is an international firm, recognized globally for their award-winning design & expertise in creating environments that directly respond to those who regularly engage with them.

BVN creates architecture with a desire to create civic hubs, centres of community and sustainable places.

Take, for example, their award-winning Marrickville library project in New South Wales, and the Longhouse at Neue House Madison Square — a pop-up activation that re-imagines communal spaces in a post-pandemic world. Or, closer to home, the contemporary Miller Thomson office at 725 Granville Street.

These track records combine at And-Co, resulting in an elevated workspace that will inspire you, backed by a stable cooperative you can rely on.

Our Values


And-Co’s founding spirit has always been about innovation – the kind that leads to a hybrid model of private workspace and social club. We take the cards we’re dealt in a pandemic and double-down on wellness as a must-have in the fabric of the office. Launching during arguably the most uncertain of times is easy with And-Co’s ethos of innovation.


And-Co is anchored by trust – not the kind that looks good on a sign, but the kind that’s self – evident in our actions. Simply put, we keep our promises and walk the talk. You can count on it.


Sustainability to us is more than just a good recycling program. We prioritize eco-friendly products & practices, but, more than that, our holistic amenities offering is engineered and maintained to fully support human health and happiness, i.e. the sustainability of you.


And-Co is a centre of excellence – enough said. We don’t take shortcuts in favour of striving for the highest level of deliverables in our service culture, space-making, and contributions to the community.

Our Team

Drew Ratcliffe

President, Arpeg

Matthew Bell

VP, Operations, Arpeg

Kathleen Keeler

Director of Sales, And-Co

Evoking excellence takes more than a work space

It takes a tailored solution that fully considers and supports the needs of others. It takes an environment that prioritizes progress, over ping pong.

But more than anything, it takes a community of professionals who haven’t just started, but have persevered to build something notable.

A community that doubles as a circle of friends, who encourage, support and grow with one another. Because one cannot grow in a space that is cramped, disorganized or uninspiring.

We’ve re-imagined work/life balance to bring you a striking new environment that includes private office, wellness, fine dining, technology, culture, and impeccable member services, all under one scrupulously designed roof.

Commitment to Health & Wellness

WELL Certification

In 2021, And-Co is proud to be registered for both WELL Certification and the WELL Health & Safety Rating.

The International Well Building Institute (IWBI) is leading the global movement to transform our buildings and communities in ways that help people thrive.

Backed by the latest scientific research, WELL includes strategies that aim to advance health by setting performance standards for design interventions, operational protocols and policies and a commitment to fostering a culture of health and wellness.

The WELL standard draws expertise from thousands of practitioners, medical professionals, public health experts and building scientists around the world.